Welcome To Telluride Vacation Rentals protocol for Covid-19

Telluride implemented a successful protocol this summer and we are continuing to improve and expand our Covid-19 protocols for our guests, owners and community.

Vacation Rental Businesses:

Businesses that rent short-term rentals in SMC are required to have (1) a Lodging Sector Business License and a Town of Telluride or Town of Mountain Village business license. (2) Completion of an application submitted to the Lodging Oversight Committee verifying compliance with all operating standards. (3) Sign an affidavit affirming training has been completed.


A training curriculum specific for Covid-19 has been developed to focus on the health and safety of both guests and housekeeping staff. All housekeepers are required to pass training and receive certification in either English or Spanish.

Other Personnel at the Property:

Property managers and other persons in the property (home or condo) will wear masks and gloves while maintaining a 6-foot distance from any other persons or employees at the property including but not limited to housekeepers.

Pre-Arrival Screening of Visitors and Non-resident Home Owners:

Peter will be contacting you 24 hours prior to your arrival to arrange check-in with you.  At that time he will need to know the names of all guests in your party.  This information will be shared with SMC, if necessary.

Check-In Process:

  • Property Manager will check-in guests from a distance (outside parking area), reviewing all procedures and aspects of the property while staying outside, socially distancing, wearing a mask and speaking with the guest via cell phone.
  • No valet services
  • Bell services will be provided with a luggage cart that has been sanitized
  • All guests will receive a check-in packet including public health information and one mask per guest.
  • Items such as oxygen and children’s items will be sanitized before entering the property.


  • All housekeeping services shall be performed in compliance with CDC and WHO industry standards. The housekeeping services shall include a check-list of approved SMC housekeeping standards.
  • Limit contact with visitors, residents of SMC and housekeepers during the term of the reservation.
  • While at the property housekeepers shall wear masks, gloves and maintain distances of more than 6 feet apart.
  • Collateral (magazines and pens shall be removed from the home).
  • All doorknobs, handles, handrails, remote controls, sink knobs, and horizontal surfaces will be sanitized prior to the guest’s arrival.
  • All bedding, sheets, duvets, and blankets will be professionally cleaned between guest stays.

Maintenance of Property:

Generally, maintenance will be delayed until after guests leave the property to prevent contact with other residents of SMC. If this is not possible a maintenance person must follow the 6-foot social distance, wear a mask and gloves.

Peter Loomis


Welcome To Telluride Vacation Rentals