Welcome Guide: Telluride’s High Altitude

Many visitors often ask, “What is the elevation of Telluride?” or “How high is Telluride?” due to its remarkable altitude. Check out our tips and information below for an enjoyable stay!

High Altitude Tips:

  • Hydration: Hydrate before you arrive in Telluride. Up your water intake during your stay.
  • Sunscreen: Wear a good sunscreen, radiation is 40% higher here.
  • Alcohol Consumption: Effects of alcohol are felt more at altitude. Ease into your stay with less consumption upon arrival.
  • Marijuana Consumption: Be careful with edible consumption, the effects range and often are felt 1- 2 hours later.

Oxygen Rentals:

O2 Delivers:  O2 Delivers On-site support and home delivery of portable oxygen for our guests. O2 will coordinate with Peter to have your oxygen unit delivered to your vacation rental.

Telluride Hyperbarics. Call Ulana to make an appointment @ 970.369.4566. 1 hour in the tent and all of your body fluids will be saturated with Oxygen. You will no longer feel the effects of Telluride, Colorado’s elevation/altitude. Make an appointment the afternoon you arrive or the next morning.