Welcome Guide: Shipping

Shipping Luggage & Gear

Ship It/Copy It

125 West Pacific Avenue, Telluride Colorado 81435

Hours:  9:00 – 5:30 Monday through Friday



Q:  Can I ship items prior to my stay and pick up the items myself?  Or have your host Peter pick them up.

A:  Guests can ship directly to our retail store at 125 W Pacific Ave (Ship It / Copy It). The client can pick up anytime during regular business hours. Pickup fee paid in-store upon pickup.

Q:  What are the prices for pickup?

A:  Less than 15 pounds = $10.00  More than 15 pounds = $25.00

Q:  Can I have something from Amazon shipped to Ship It?

A:  In the Town of Telluride, many Amazon packages are dropped at the Post Office.  Since you are a guest, the Postmaster would have no record of a box.  We do not recommend deliveries from Amazon.