New Bike Park in Telluride

You may be familiar with Telluride, Colorado as a ski town with plenty to do during the winter months, but there is much to do during the warmer months, too, especially now that the new Telluride Bike Park is open.

Looking for fun outdoor activities in Telluride? The new Telluride, Colorado mountain bike trail network is finally complete and ready for your enjoyment. On July 5th, fifteen new and improved freeride trails, spanning over seventeen miles of mountainous track, were opened to the public. The new Telluride bike park expansion is designed for a variety of skill-level riders, at any age. After the $1 million investment towards the Telluride biking trails, the bike park now includes flow trails, jump tracks, and enhancements to existing cross-country trails, as well as a variety of mountain tracks with a little bit of everything for everyone looking to test his or her tire tread.


The Telluride Bike Park is open seven days a week from 10A.M. to 6P.M., through Labor Day, and will be open Saturdays and Sundays through Mid-October. Single-day access trail passes may be purchased for $36 and include a $1 donation to the National Forest Foundation. Non-winter seasonal passes may be purchased for $199. Guides, clinics, and camps are readily available throughout the Telluride bike park for new and inexperienced riders. Whether you are a beginner looking for easy-to-ride paths or you have mountain biking experience and want to tackle tough tracks, there is a trail waiting at Telluride for you. Rent a bike at the Mountain Village Center or bring your own and get biking in Telluride today!